Power2Adapt – Junior Athlete Development

Working on the FUNdamentals of athletic movement, we build confidence and improve athletic movements, build fitness and endurance, so our athletes can achieve their goals, whatever their sport may be.

Junior Athlete Development

Every parent and every kid that comes to our programs wants to move better, get fitter and be faster. Sport is fun, but for a lot of kids, if they feel uncomfortable, slow or awkward it takes this fun out of the sport for them. They begin to feel self-conscious and then get lost to the sport and have their self-esteem affected. Our junior development programs help every kid move better, understand their challenge points and learn that persistence leads to improvement and changes. Every kid is coached for what they need and given cues that they understand and can implement.

Aussie Aths

We currently have 140 kids enrolled in our after-school classes that we run 2 days a week at Toorak College and Peninsula Grammar and our other venues at Mornington Athletics and Ballam Park Athletics Tracks. Many kids have now grown in confidence to enter school athletics days and join Little Aths clubs, as well as experiencing more enjoyment within their team sports. They have also progressed further through the levels of school competitions than ever before.