Power2Adapt – Strength Training

Strength training for athletics is not just about getting an athlete strong. Its primary function is to make the athlete’s body structurally balanced.

Structure balance of an athlete’s body ensures that they reduce the risk of injury and increase performance.

It is vital that a periodised program is performed to achieve the best athletic performance possible.

Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

A foundation of strength and structural balance is vital for sport performance and injury prevention. Our programs progress from learning how to support and control your own body weight against gravity, to introducing movements such as jumping and landing effectively and finally introducing weight and resistance to the movements to increase your strength and ability to perform movements specific to your sport. Resistance training does not stunt growth and research clearly shows that it builds great bone strength throughout life

Strength & Conditioning

As adolescent athletes go through growth spurts and body changes, a structured program helps them to control their body better and understand the changes that their body is going through and that it will  become balanced again. The biggest impact on any athlete's progress is time out of the sport or the game.
Injury prevention exercises build resilience to the demands of your sport, reduce the chance of injury and keep you out on the court, field or track. If you do get injured, a solid base of  strength and fitness gets you back doing what you love, quicker.