Speed influences almost every sport, thus it is imperative that you have a coach who can properly design training programs and teach you the correct technique.


Speed is the determining factor in most sports and the key element that coaches and athletes seek the most to improve.

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Emerging Athlete Program

Working on the FUNdamentals of athletic movement, we build confidence and improve athletic movements, build fitness and endurance, so our athletes can achieve their goals, whatever their sport may be.

Competition Preparation

Whether you are a junior or senior athlete or involved in team sports, goal driven, structured programs will make you faster.

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Heath Jade After
"Our children play at a high level in basketball, but neither were naturally athletic or proficient at running, which was making competing increasingly difficult.Alistair was recommended to us by a friend and we have been extremely grateful for, and impressed by, the improvements in techniques and speed that Alistair has been able to develop in our children.We initially sought Alistair’s services for running technique, speed and agility improvement, but what has been a profound and unexpected benefit is his mentorship with focus around mindset and self-esteem - which along with running skills, will have a lifelong impact on our children’s lives.We would highly recommend Alistair’s services for anyone in any sport who wishes to improve agility and technique and increase speed in a supportive and empowering environment. Alistair we love you!"
Julie & Nick
Parent's of Heath & Jade
Archer Duke
We first went to Alistair for an "adhoc" Sunday training session, as my son (Archer) was training with another group.... over four years on and Archer is still training with him (even though we now live over half an hour away). Alistair not only works with the kids on the track, he develops plans and genuinely loves to see the athletes' hard work pay off. I sincerely could not ask for a better coach and role model for my son. During COVID the kids really struggled without sport, Alistair set up programs and had weekly sessions not only to check in on their training but also their mental health. I recommend Power2Adapt for any child that plays any sport that involves running, the improvement is noticeable, in fitness, speed and overall confidence. I have seen it first hand, watching the huge smile on my son’s face from winning his first medal at regionals to eventually placing at states, he could not have done this without the ongoing training with Power2Adapt.
Mother of Archer
Ben Ary - Basketball & AFL
My son Ben has been working with Alistair for about a year. He plays basketball and football and the training he has been doing with Alistair has made a huge impact on his speed and agility. Ben also struggled from some joint issues and the work he has done in the gym, focusing on technique and control, has greatly improved his knee and foot pain. Alistair is patient, consistent and positive. Ben happily (usually) gets up at 7am on Saturday morning to work with Alistair because he knows he will work hard and he will see results. I would highly recommend Alistair for multisport athletes.
Mother of Ben
Kiara sled drag
My 14 year old daughter has been training with Alistair for over 1 1/2 years, she started with one session and now does 3 sessions a week. He has not only worked on her technique, strength and speed. He has also developed her self esteem and confidence. He has been a fabulous mentor and role model.
Mother of Kiara
Lincon Pingario
The Aussie Aths Mornington program has enriched my life. Alistair’s coaching has improved my confidence, endurance, speed and health. I strongly recommend other young people who enjoy having fun, learning new skills and interacting with others to join Alistair at the track for some fun.
Lincon is 12 years old
Since my daughter started with Alistair, her running has improved considerably. He has helped her hone her technique and build strength and endurance over several distances.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is vital for speed development, as it improves muscular strength and more importantly decreases the chance of injuries.

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