Power2Adapt – Speed Training For All Sports

In most sports, nothing beats speed and the ability to move fast creates space and greater opportunity for decision-making, especially in team sports. To move fast, we need to train “fast”.

Speed is the determining factor in most sports and the key element that coaches and athletes seek the most to improve.

Power2Perform Athletic Development Program

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Sporting Organisations

I have worked with local AFL clubs, from Seaford Football Club, St Kilda Next Gen Academy players, Mount Martha JFC and I just had 2 junior players make St Kilda Next Gen teams for the first time, due to the improved speed, speed endurance and agility improvements. I am currently working with a Dandenong Stingrays player that is hoping to be drafted next year and working with 2 women players that are working to be drafted to AFLW teams. Frankston Blues Basketball, Langwarrin Soccer Club, Southern Peninsula Pirates Rugby, Seaford Tigers Cricket Club and Seaford FC all reported improved speed and fitness and a vast reduction in soft tissue injuries due to following my training programs and game day warm ups, improving their running efficiency and following proper stretching and warm down routines.

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Melbourne United Basketball Academy

A fantastic day of testing for Melbourne United Academy members today, with many outstanding results to add to our ever expanding sports performance database. Supporting Athlete Development pathway programs and beyond.

In partnership with ARMS Physical Testing.

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Power2Adapt - Priorities

My priorities when working with team sports is to understand the fundamental movements and demands of the game. The exercises and skill improvements that we work on MUST transfer to the field of play. Every training session I explain how the drill or exercise is relative to their sport, the intent or movement we are looking for and why it is important to execute it properly. I also talk about intensity and being purposeful in everything we do. If you want to be first in the contest, you have to drive hard. Speed gives you time to make decisions etc.

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