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The most important aspect of an athlete’s journey is being prepared for competition. When an athlete is unprepared they will never achieve their full potential.

Alistair understands the different requirements of junior athletes to senior athletes to team sports athletes.

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Senior Athletes

Goal driven programs and different forms of feedback are required. Training needs to be challenging and rewarding enough to keep athletes motivated and meet their expectations.
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Junior Athletes

Coaching children is challenging, as different approaches are needed. Training sessions should be fun to encourage learning outcomes. A long term development model is best used.
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Team Sports

Speed Improvement for AFL, Soccer, Rugby ,Basketball, Hockey, Basketball, Netball. Speed, Power, Agility and Endurance improvement through structured programs specific to your sport.
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I prepare athletes from School Athletics comps, Little Athletics and Senior Level Competition. Training is about preparing them to compete and then helping them manage the nerves and anxiety that comes with competing at higher levels. Helping the athlete to establish warmup routines, visualisation and relaxation strategies is imperative, especially when they have to compete multiple times over a long day of competition.

The biggest issue I see with the youth athletes is that it's all about fun and PBs and then they go to Regionals to qualify for the State Championships and suffer a lot of anxiety and fear. I spend most of my time during these competitions reminding them that the only competitor is the stopwatch or the measuring tape and that they know what to do to perform. That is why we train.

I have had dozens of gold, silver and bronze medalists at Little Aths State championships and have had several athletes qualify for Nationals at a senior level.

The pathway is the same - build the fundamentals, challenge the athlete to push out of their comfort zone and simulate competition environments.

Elite Performance Program
Guaranteed to Improve your Sports Performance!

Who is it for?

Athletes that want to step up to an elite level of training, preparation, and performance in their sport and improve their athleticism.

In Season, Off-Season / Pre-Season

Speed Improvement, Resilience, and Speed Endurance Building, Strength Building, Agility, and Power training

Why should I do this program?

Do you want to sharpen your reaction time, improve your speed and be able to perform multiple efforts per game? Do you spend time on the sidelines, due to injury and want to spend more time playing the sport you love? Are you constantly being told by your coach that you need to be faster? Are you tired of getting beaten by your opponent to the contest? Do you need to be more athletic, turn quicker, accelerate faster and jump higher? Then, this program is for you.

How does it work?

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Elite Performance Platform bonus

Access to our Online Training platform to track your workout and progress.
Sessions are uploaded for coach assessment and feedback, which allows micro-adjustments to your program where needed in real time.
Embedded training videos for workouts and speed improvement drills.
Goal setting and Performance Mindset coaching sessions.
Direct messaging with your coach Video biomechanical analysis of movements and running technique.
Quarterly program and 1:1 progress review with your coach

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