Power2Adapt – Private Running Coaching

To run fast and efficiently you need the correct technique. Running is a skill that can be refined to improve your speed.

The best way to get faster is private coaching with Alistair.

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Private Coaching

When you work 1:1, we really hone in on the areas that are holding you back from reaching your true athletic potential. You get specific feedback on how you currently move well and cues to make micro adjustments that all add up to huge improvements. Your biggest obstacle may be how you see yourself moving and being able to execute a movement skill. Dedicated video feedback, along with cues specific to you, lead to improvements. 1:1 we find ways to push you past what you think you can do, build your confidence and resilience and work together to form a game plan for your sport.

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It is for everyone!

I have worked with a number of soccer kids and basketballers that were self-conscious about not being able to run well or perform multiple efforts in their team sports. Other clients I have helped are:
A boy with mild cerebral palsy that needed help with balance and running technique.
Children with attention and learning difficulties or experiencing social anxiety.
Mums that wanted to get back to running and improved fitness after children.
Women that were applying to get into the Fire Brigade that needed to improve their beep test and running ability and learn to cope with levels of fatigue and discomfort.
Aspiring AFL players that have been told they need to get faster.

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Private Coaching Results

The Before photo was taken in September 2021 and the After photo was taken on November 19th, 2022. Heath and Jade came to Power2Adapt one day per week and we started with running and change of direction work initially. We then progressed to jumping and landing exercises, as they were both experiencing regular ankle and knee strains. Finally, we introduced Weight training to get them stronger and more stable and alternate each week between Run Training and Weight Training sessions. As you can see, they have lost weight and gained a lot of confidence in how they run and move.

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