Power2Adapt – Blake Ireland

Blake Ireland

Power2Adapt Coach

Aussie Aths Coach
Level 1 Community Coach

1 Year

I predominantly compete as a runner be it track, road or trails but I train as a triathlete so do like to do the odd triathlon, gran fondo or masters swim meet.

I started competing in endurance sports late 2021.

I was initially attracted to endurance sports for health benefits but quickly got caught up in the persistent chasing of pbs. Nowadays I do love to pack up for the weekends and hit some trails with some good podcasts or get out on some gnarly climbs in the alpine ranges.

I have won the odd very small fun run here or there but I am far from being at a state level or anything.

I love sharing my passion for being able to do some pretty cool things using your body and it’s always really cool to see other people achieve their goals or things they never thought they could.

I do love the classic Mona fartlek. I find it’s a good way to get some speed in the legs in a way thats broken up nicely to not seem like a really hard session.

I do love when we get the scissor jump out. It’s always good to see the kids’ resilience and how they really push themselves to get over their fear and jump pretty damn high.


Sports wise I really want to keep pushing and compete for age group podiums and wins in triathlons and move my way into running times that have me competitive in more running events. With my coaching journey I’m looking to continue developing my skills in coaching athletics while also developing my skills in coaching triathletes and club swimmers.