Power2Adapt – Ellie Jenkins-Perry

Ellie Jenkins-Perry

Power2Adapt Coach

Aussie Aths Coach
Level 1 Community Coach

2 years.

Athletics with my events being high jump, 400m and 400m hurdles.

I started doing little Aths the first week I moved to the Mornington peninsula when I was 11.

I always loved running around when younger and love competing for a group and having that community feel at a club where you can meet many new lifelong friends.

Qualified for national level and competed at state level.

I absolutely love watching kids run around having fun with huge smiles on their faces and continuously asking for one more high jump 5 minutes after class has ended.

My favourite running activity is animal run as you watch each of the children’s personalities come out pretending to run like a cheetah or like a turtle.

My favourite coaching session is the relays as it makes the children all come together no matter what age they are and work as a team cheering each other on.

I would love to continue to develop my skills as a coach and help many more children aspire to their dreams and always have fun when coming to athletics and I would love to keep running recreationally and trying different sports and activities.