Power2Adapt – Georgia Middleton

Georgia Middleton

Power2Adapt Coach

Aussie Aths Coach
Level 2 Junior Development Coach
Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science

Nearly 2 years!


I started when I was 11 years old.

I knew I was fast in netball & basketball and wanted to test out how I was in little athletics. I was pushed by my netball coach to test it out and needless to say I fell in love with it as 10 years later I’m still running!

I love the community aspect of it and being able to beat your personal bests.

I have competed at the Australian National Championships for 100m & 200m sprints.

Being able to inspire the next generation of athletes to persevere and stick at a sport.

Short block sessions.

Love working on driving out of the blocks.

Love doing the relay sessions and having everyone involved in a team.

The relays are always competitive, and everyone tries their best to win.

I aspire to continuing working with primary aged children to improve their fundamental running skills for not just athletics but for any sport they wish to improve in through their running!