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Exists to better understand athletes' condition. Our ARMS Physical Testing system is used across sport, fitness, armed forces and corporate wellness for talent identification, personal development and age verification. The flexible solution can be deployed at scale to thousands of participants in a wide range of environments from gyms and offices to rural communities.

Physi-Pro Athletic

Power2Adapt has aligned with PhysiPro Athletic in Seaford  to support our athletes strength & conditioning programs, physiotherapy and performance recovery needs.

PhysiPro Athletic is an innovative high-performance health, fitness and recovery provider for athletes and individuals of all levels.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the physical and athletic goals of our community, by providing the best allied health care, physical training and athletic development programs in Australia.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of high-performance healthcare and athlete development programs for our community.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an individual who is simply looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, our team and world’s-best services will support you to achieve the best version of yourself – so you can always be at the top of your game, whatever that game may be.

Run Culture

Dane Verwey is a highly skilled and knowledgeable senior physiotherapist, with a professional and caring approach. He is re-known for his thorough patient-centered assessments and being incredibly passionate about empowering his patients through education and exercise.